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silver_essence @ 02:27 pm: Fifty Sentences on my main muses.

I've always wanted to post something here and well, here's my crack. Fifty sentences on Cloud and Sora. One theme each.

Pairing: Cloud/Sora(duh)
Rating: PG-13-ish
Notes: Um...I own nothing, except for the muses that run around inside my head trying to make sense.

#01: Comfort

For some reason, Cloud didn't mind that Sora's head was rested against his shoulder: he didn't ask questions, but he didn't need to, because he was just there, and that silent comfort was more than enough.

#02: Kiss

It started from the inside of his chest then spread to the tips of his fingers and toes, spreading like a wildfire: and Sora didn't want to pull away, even as a warm tongue caressed his, a desire wanting- needing to be fulfilled, and he couldn't help but think 'was this what it felt like to have his first kiss?'

#03: Soft

Through the rough exterior and the blank gaze, the hidden emotions and silent composure, Cloud was as soft as a kitten, and by far, Sora was the only one who witnessed that side if him.

#04: Pain

Darkness; an empty void filled with a nothingness of black and utter torment- confusion screamed at him at every corner; he didn't want anyone to share the same fate as he had, and when he looks at Sora- he wouldn't want to think of what would happen if Sora was in his place.

#05: Potatoes

Cloud couldn't believe it; a hole plate of french fries(which were apparently there two minutes ago) were nowhere in sight, and he rounded on Sora, who flashed a grin and rubbed the back of his head, while telling a tall tale of how they were just sitting there all alone and he had to do something about it.

#06: Rain

The grey skies and non-stop downpour always made Sora want to be next to something warm, and that something warm just so happened to be Cloud, so unexpectedly, he hugged the blond(who wasn't expecting this, they both fell to the ground) and then with their bodies close together, Sora felt that he was warm now.

#07: Chocolate

It had only been a simple gesture to bring Sora chocolate, maybe a little too simple at first, but when the brunette finished the treat by licking the gooey goodness off of his fingers(a little too enthusiastic in Cloud's opinion) he was bouncing all over the place, energized and talkative like a hyper child, and this made cloud think of he should bring chocolate ever again.

#08: Happiness

And he hugged him, the embrace was warm and yet soothing, and it left Sora with the utter most happiness to feel Cloud hugging him back.

#09: Telephone

Sora was doing everything that Aerith told him; dial the numbers of the townspeople to check on how they were doing, but no matter how many times he tried to press the buttons on the receiver, there was no dial tone, and then Cloud walked by and told Sora that the phone wasn't plugged in.

#10: Ears

"Then let me show you..." He whispered, warm breath tickling Sora's ear, those words sending shivers down his spine and waves and tingles throughout his body; Cloud found the brunette's ear, gently nibbling and sucking, causing Sora to moan from the pleasure.

#11: Name

Cloud can't help but feel aroused when the simplest of touches could have Sora mewling his name.

#12: Sensual

Sora's touches were hesitant and soft, while Cloud's were explorating and needy, and cloud knew that the most forbidden thoughts couldn't compare to the actual thing.

#13: Death

He literally felt his heart rip in two; there was so much blood, so many scars, and all he could do was stare blankly at the keyblade master's limp body in his arms.

#14: Sex

Sex was something new to Sora, but he knew he'd get used to it sooner or later.

#15: Touch

Sora always wanted to know what cloud's wing felt like; so he brushed his hand tentatively over the black appendage, his fingers traced over strong flexible muscle, causing the appendage to twitch at the foreign feeling; Cloud never knew Sora's touches would have him wanting more.

#16: Weakness

Whenever Sora pouts, Cloud feels his resolve breaking, and he could do nothing but give in to the silent plea.

#17: Tears

And as tears rolled the brunettes already moist face, Cloud knew he could never forgive himself; he had broken his promise by making Sora cry.

#18: Speed

He had the velocity of a demon and the strength that was unheard of; the kind of power that left Sora wondering how the hell was he going to defeat this guy?

#19: Wind

Cloud's hair shifted with the wind; the soft breeze played with the spiky blond feathery like strands, which made Sora laugh- but Cloud said that he shouldn't even be laughing, because he's seen the brunette's hair in worse situations.

#20: Freedom

To Cloud, Sora was like a free bird, not contained by the shackles of darkness.

#21: life

Cloud thought that life was full of surprises, and that never in his lifetime would he meet anyone as enlivened as Sora.

#22: Jealousy

He was all Sora talked about: Riku this, Riku that, and something bitter stirred within Cloud, but he kept the thoughts to himself, not wanting show how he really felt about him.

#23: Hands

Sora's hand's were completely covered with glue,and he ran to hug Cloud, who just raised an eyebrow and thought why did this always have to happen to him?

#24: Taste

The mouth upon his heightened his senses, Cloud tasted like cinnamon laced sweet vanilla; it was intoxicating and as he slowly pulled away for a breath of air, he involuntarily liked his lips, savoring the taste.

#25: Devotion

Was it a deep affection that Sora felt for Cloud- the need to be near him whenever possible, the urge to aid him when necessary, the feeling he got to just.. be there- was it all devotion?

#26: Forever

Spiky brown locks, sky blue eyes, and a heart that wouldn't submit to the darkness; a trait that some were not gifted with, and that trademark grin of his; Sora, the keybearer who saved his world and his friends with it- Sora was forever burned into his memory.

#27: Blood

The end of the buster sword, sharp and razor-edged, was pressed at the incline of Sora's neck, puncturing the soft skin and drawing tiny rivulets of red that trailed down onto the tiled floor he lay against-apprehensive sky blue eyes met blank mako blue, and something flashed for a second in the warriors eyes, almost sadness, and then he hesitated as the sword was removed, and the warrior turned away silently, red mantle and all- Hades could find someone else to do his dirty work.

#28 Sickness

If it were up to Cloud to determine whether or not Sora was unwell, that would be an understatement, for Sora had been in a delirious state, saying confound things like "the sky is green" and "the paopu ate my crown necklace", but Cloud hoped that this was only the worst of it.

#29: Melody

Through the long sand-bricked walls of the coliseum, Cloud could even hear Sora's voice through the walls, humming a tune for a battle that he had undoubtedly won.

#30: Star

They both knew that there were dozens upon dozens of stars in the sky- they symbolized the worlds that haven't become prey to the darkness, but also acknowledged that their world wasn't one of them.

#31: Home

Even with the familiarity of ot all, Cloud still couldn't believe he was home; that overpowering darkness hadn't completely taken over, and as a warm feeling settled over him, he couldn't help but think of the brunette his emotions on his sleeve but his motives on in his heart.

#32: Confusion

That voice.. the voice that reminded him of himself- no, of who he once was but no longer is- It was funny how fate played tricks on him.

#33: Fear

Opponent after opponent would either be slain or cower in fear; maybe it was because of his dark wing, stoic nature, or his wicked abilities that led to their downfall, but whatever it was, it didn't have the same affect on the keyblade master, who stood his ground for a fight; and this piqued Cloud's interest a little, it's been a while since he had someone who actually stood up to him.

#34: Lightning/Thunder

Cloud explained to a shaken Sora that thunder was just the sky crying and the lightning was there to chase the shadows away.

#35: Bonds

The ties that bound them together; they were both searching for their light, their light within the darkness.

#36: Market

Sora was at the market when it happened; his arms were full of cartons of eggs for his trip home, when suddenly he tripped over his own feet and ungracefully landed on the floor with a thud, the sound of eggshells breaking soon followed, and when he looked up, amused blue eyes met his discouraged ones, and as a hand was outstretched for him to take the blonde asked "Are you okay"?

#37: Technology

Sora had wandered into the gummi garage not knowing what lay there, but was pulled back by Cloud- soon a string of curses from Cid could be heard, which confirmed that it was not safe to enter.

#38: Gift

Was it a a gift Sora had gotten when he had first seen Cloud smile for him?

#39: Smile

Sora would always smile, the kind of smile that wouldn't falter, even after a brutal defeat that left him drained and exhausted, he would just get right back up and give that trademark grin of his, and sometimes, Cloud couldn't help but give a smile of his own.

#40: Innocence

Captured by the ray of untaintedness, Sora was the epitome of innocence, and no one would take that innocence away if Cloud had something to do about it.

#41: Completion

As much as he didn't want to admit it, Cloud didn't want to say goodbye; Sora was the the light that made him feel whole, but he had to, because in order for him to continue, it had to end here.

#42: Clouds

Was it a coincidence that the white fluffy things in the sky compared so little to the enigma he admired- they were both so close for him to see but too distant for him to grasp.

#43: Sky

It was so unreal; the way the man's wing flapped against the wind, forcing his body to swiftly rise into the air- and just like that, he was like a bullet in the sky, almost too fast for the human eye to see, and Sora stared, amazed at the ability that the blond could only fly with one wing.

#44: Heaven

It was pure heaven, having Cloud touch him in places no one's ever touched him before.

#45: Hell

Hell was a place where the most sinister demons lay; they only wanted to devour the strong willed and those full of heart; and in Cloud's eyes, those demons never had a chance against Sora.

#46: Sun

And sunlight bathed him, capturing almost every small detail of his figure, the perspiration glistening off of his face, the feathery light blond tresses of his hair; his mako blue eyes that gave off an ethereal glow as he prepared to attack at invisible enemies- and all Sora could do was stare at how agile and swift Cloud was under the light of the bright sun.

#47: Moon

And he was bathed in moonlight, the darkness of the sky contrasted lightly with his silhouette; his shadow danced across the the rough sandy-like floor attacking Heartless with practiced precision- and all Cloud would do was watch, silent and observing, as the keyblade master fought while the moon's presence beamed down at them.

#48: Waves

After the battle with Cloud that he had lost to, he was filled with waves of an emotion that he couldn't describe- but it wasn't bitterness, nor discouragement; but adoration, and he couldn't stop his racing heart from beating when he remembered those intense blue eyes bore into his.

#49: Hair

It was a trait that they both shared; their hair obviously defied gravity, and no matter how many times people would tell them that they looked alike, Cloud would just brush it off and say it was just a coincidence.

#50: Supernova

That glowing star in the sky would only gradually dim if it's light has burned out..the light in their hearts would only burn brighter as they moved on.

I tried to make sense out of these. *Hides *

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Date:February 13th, 2007 08:34 pm (UTC)
I'm not the biggest yaoi fan, but i don't have a problem with Shonen-ai that much. nice work.
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